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Maximum Comfort, Minimum Footprint
For every sustainable item sold, tentree plants trees that help regenerate ecosystems and provide jobs in communities around the world. All their products are made in fair, safe working conditions, using only the comfiest, most earth-friendly materials available.
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Big Change Starts Small
tentree believes the small choices people make can add up to create lasting impact for our planet. So far, their clothing has helped reduce the apparel industry's massive footprint — while planting trees that have removed tons of carbon from our atmosphere, restored countless ecosystems and provided thousands of hours of work in communities around the globe. And it all started with just a few trees.

The tentree Promise
Every Item Plants Trees
Every tentree product sold, big or small, plants trees. These trees help restore forests and replenish ecosystems, capture carbon and clean up our atmosphere.
Ethical Manufacturing
tentree is on a mission to do better by the planet, and the people living on it. That's why all their products are made in fair, safe working conditions, and in factories that are regularly audited to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their employees.
Sustainable Essentials
From recycled fibers to 100% organic cotton, everything is made with the smallest footprint possible. Even the packaging and tags are designed to keep waste to a planet-friendly minimum.