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Information About Our Retail Brand Partner Skullcandy

Skull candy mission

Unleash the visceral power of music for all.

Skull candy Vision

Be the #1 brand for the youthful and adventurous audio consumer.

BSkull candy History

Like many great brands, Skullcandy® was born out of a problem. Our founder, Rick Alden, was riding a chairlift in Park City, Utah. He was listening to music, but needed to take a call. Of course, technology at that time made it impossible to switch from his music player to his phone. So Rick decided that the world needed a better solution.

Music With A Mission

Skullcandy® is on a mission to help others who believe music heals and want to make the outdoors a better place. To fulfill this mission, Skullcandy® has partnered with Protect Our Winters, a nonprofit partner dedicated to helping people who are passionate about the outdoors become effective climate advocates. Skullcandy® also reinvests in its hometown of Park City through the Born In PC program, supporting organizations with a shared love of music, the environment and outdoor recreation.

Skull candy Music With A Mission

Making A Difference

Skullcandy® has proudly joined prAna's Responsible Packaging Movement with dozens of like-minded retail brands that are eliminating harmful, outdated materials and replacing them with lower impact options.

 Fighting Climate Change 1,000,000 Pounds At A Time

Fighting Climate Change 1,000,000 Pounds At A Time

Skullcandy® believes its products should never, ever be buried in a landfill. That’s why it has partnered with facilities around the globe to recycle and upcycle Skullcandy® products for resale. The brand's goal is to keep 1,000,000 pounds of waste from entering landfills by the end of 2025.
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Thinking Outside The Box

Thinking Outside The Box

In 2018, containers and packaging amounted to approximately 82 million tons of consumer waste worldwide. Skullcandy® is committed to becoming part of the solution by reducing the amount of material used in our packaging and converting to 100% recyclable materials.

How Upcycling Works

Once a Skullcandy® product arrives at the recycling facility, it’s officially on its RePlay journey. It will undergo a thorough inspection to determine whether it can be upcycled or if it needs to be broken down and properly recycled. If possible, it will be refurbished and resold, with a portion of the proceeds going to Protect Our Winters.
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