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The Day Owl Story
Day Owl (with your help) is building the first completely circular bag company. The brand builds its products from recycled landfill-bound materials, repairs and refurbishes them to keep them in circulation for multiple owners, and when they're used up, Day Owl makes sure the old bags become input material for new bags.

As a Certified B Corpration, Day Owl meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance. In addition to supporting dignified jobs around the world, the brand also creates meaningful opportunities right here at home.

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Day Owl Backpack Recycling
Most bags end up in a landfill. Day Owl bags start there and never go back. as part of our commitment to sustainability, we've partnered with Day Owl, who will take back and recycle backpacks in any condition. When you send in your old backpack, it will be cleaned, repaired, and put to good use.

Once you receive your new Day Owl backpack, visit www.dayowl.com/products/recycle-kit to redeem your FREE Day Owl Recycle Kit.

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