Eco Products As Project Solutions


With both consumers and corporations focused on sustainability, people buying promotional products are looking for eco-friendly ideas. Here are two recent cases where distributors delivered with our products.

Style Meets Sustainability

Distributor Project:  A biotech firm wanted 500 lightweight hoodies and 500 masks for a series of customer appreciation events. The distributor knew about the company’s sustainability initiatives and wanted to present an eco-friendly option.

Sira Eco Knit Hoody | TM18217 (M) / TM98217 (W) 

Our Eco Solution:  This stylish, lightweight hoody is made with over 35% rPET, taking plastic bottles and creating something people can feel good about wearing. As a bonus, it’s got an integrated face covering that satisfied the distributor’s request for masks. The Sira helped the distributor win the business over two competitors.

Making A Big Impression

Distributor Project:  A global consumables manufacturer needed a gift for new distributors. The company wanted an eco-friendly product that would generate a lot of impressions.

Recycled Cotton Twill Grocery Tote | SM-5779

Our Eco Solution:  The Recycled Cotton Twill Grocery Tote is made with 70% to 80% recycled cotton and 20% to 30% rPET. Because of their versatility, totes like this one reduce the use of single-use plastic bags while generating lots of brand impressions – they can be used for everything from grocery shopping to a day at the pool.

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