Keychains & Keylights - Leeds
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Keychains & Keylights

Vienna Keychain


The Vienna Keychain is made from soft Vienna material and makes the perfect statement piece for your key ring.

Keylight Bottle Opener



Dual function keychain is a flashlight and bottle opener. Push button on/off. Aluminum LED flashlight. 3 button cell batteries included.

Aztec Multi Tool Keylight



5-in-1 multi tool keychain includes push button on/off flashlight, bottle opener, knife, flat head screwdriver and Phillips head screw driver. The key ring makes an ideal addition to any set of keys.

No Contact Keychain - Brass
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No Contact Keychain - Brass



A must-have for everyone’s key ring is the No Contact Keychain. This keychain tool helps to avoid contact with dirty, contaminated surfaces. This multi-purpose tool can be used when opening doors, pressing buttons, using the ATM, and carrying shopping bags. Made from brass.. Hook shape designed to grab a handle and open doors. The end can be used to push elevator buttons. Top side can be used as a bottle opener. Add this to your assortment of PPE. Please contact us for learn more about inventory availability on this exciting new product.