PCNA - Your Recipe For An Eco-Friendly Lunch
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Your Recipe For An Eco-Friendly Lunch

Make everyone’s favorite part of the workday even better with EcoSmart products.

Your Recipe For An Eco-Friendly Lunch

The sustainability trend gained serious momentum last year. This year? It's a full-on cultural movement.

Demand for eco-friendly products is at an all-time high, and organizations in every industry are making changes to reduce their impact on the planet. According to a recent consumer survey by global research firm Nielsen, an incredible 81% of global respondents felt strongly that companies should do their part to help the environment. This appetite for corporate social responsibility is shared across genders and generations. Millennials, Gen Z and Gen X are the most supportive, but older demographic groups aren't far behind

Companies searching for small, easy ways to add some eco-friendliness to the office need look no further than  - everybody's favorite part of the workday – lunch!  Below, we've assembled a group of new EcoSmart® products that use style and sustainability to make reducing plastic waste at lunchtime easy and fun. These items are either made from recycled materials, or they're eco-friendly alternatives to stuff that's normally thrown away after one use. And all of them make great additions to any of these corporate programs:

 - Employee Gifts

 - Company Stores

 - New-Hire/Onboarding Packages

 - Wellness Programs

Dig In: Here's Our Recipe For An Eco-Friendly Lunch

1. Lunch Cooler (made from recycled water bottles)


Merchant & Craft Revive rPET Lunch Cooler (3750-32)

2. Food Storage (made with bamboo fiber)


Stackable Bamboo Fiber Bento Box (1033-85)

3. Reusable Utensils (made with bamboo fiber)


Bamboo Fiber Cutlery Set (1033-94)

4. Reusable Straw (sea turtle friendly)


FinalStraw 2.0 (1628-40)

4. Reusable Drinkware (made with durable wheat straw)


Vert Wheat Straw Mug (SM-6663)

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