PCNA - The Perfect Spring Jacket
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The Perfect Spring Jacket

Five things to consider before buying.

The Perfect Spring Jacket

Spring is a tricky time of year. Depending on where you live, the transition from winter chill to warmer temperatures can be incredibly unpredictable. Some flurries, a downpour, maybe just a cool breeze - anything's possible.

So it makes sense that Mother Nature's ups and downs during spring would make choosing the right jacket a challenge. There are plenty of options and features to consider and it can be a little overwhelming.  To make your life easier, we've identified five key things to look for and think about as you choose a jacket that will keep you warm, dry and comfortable - regardless of how crazy the weather gets. 

1. Protection From The Elements

Spring showers are the real deal and usually arrive without much notice. If water protection is a priority, you'll definitely need to know these terms and look for a jacket with these features:

Critical seam sealed

On these pieces, the most exposed seams like the shoulders, back and front are waterproofed to keep you dry.

Fully seam sealed

These jackets have 100% waterproof seams throughout the entire jacket for maximum rain protection.

Waterproof breathable membrane

This additional layer is bonded to the outside jacket material. It blocks water, while still allowing moisture to escape from the body.

Water repellent finish

This is a coating added to jacket fabrics to make them water-resistant.


The Index Softshell is fully seam sealed for maximum rain protection. (Shop the Index) 

2. Convenience Features

These items make your life easier and make your jacket more fun to wear. Here are a few of our favorites:

Detachable or roll-away hoods

Want a hood only when you need it? Look for a jacket with a hood that can be removed or hidden in the jacket collar. 


Be prepared if the weather gets ugly. Grab a lightweight jacket that packs away into a pocket that forms a pouch. Toss it in your bag or trunk, and you're good to go.

Media Pockets 

These hidden phone pockets give you access to your music while you're on the move.


The Egmont Jacket packs away in a built-in stuff sack. (Shop the Egmont)

3. Style

What look are you going for - professional, casual or somewhere in between? Regardless, there's a jacket for you. The Asgard Eco Knit Jacket delivers a sharp, sophisticated look with its subtle graphic pattern, giving it that on-trend 'textured' style. 


The Asgard Eco Knit Jacket delivers a stylish, professional look. (Shop the Asgard)

4. Breathability

This one's big - just ask anyone who's worn a jacket that doesn't "breathe." They'll tell you firsthand that it feels like wearing a garbage bag on a warm day. 

For ultimate comfort, look for a jacket that features the breathable membrane we mentioned earlier. The key to how membranes can be both waterproof and breathable lies in the fact that water in the shape of a raindrop is thousands of times larger than water in sweat-vapor form. Micropores in your jacket's membrane or coating are large enough for sweat vapor to escape, but too small for rain to get through.

Strategically placed venting also increases airflow to keep you comfortable.  Look for this on lightweight packable jackets.

The Joris Eco Softshell features breathable, three-layer waterproof construction and a water-repellant finish, making it the perfect lightweight jacket for any weather.


The Joris Eco Softshell is constructed with a waterproof breathable membrane. (Shop the Joris)

5. Weight

This one comes down to personal preference and Mother Nature. What do you want your jacket to feel like? Are you looking for a more substantial softshell with a three layer, bonded-fabric construction like the new Bergamo Softshell, or is an ultra-lightweight, packable jacket like the Egmont Jacket a better option?

A hybrid knit like the Panorama has the best of both worlds - the warmth and protection of a softshell with the mobility and comfort of an active knit. 

TM12906938_D_lifestyle-launchplay-logo-1 (1).jpg

The Bergamo Softshell is constructed with a substantial three-layer, bonded fabric. (Shop the Bergamo)

Ready to begin your quest for the perfect jacket?

You have a lot of options when choosing a spring jacket and the weather-related variables definitely add some challenges. Asking yourself some questions and prioritizing the available features will help you arrive at a jacket that you can't wait to put on.

Click here to shop Trimark's spring jacket collection.