PCNA - Spring Apparel Decoration Trends
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Spring Apparel Decoration Trends

Let your brand shine.

Spring Apparel Decoration Trends

Popular apparel decoration trends evolve from season to season. These variations, both bold and subtle, will inspire you to present your brand in a whole new way.

1. To Dye For


Tie-dye has had a special place in fashion since the sixties. Although modernized, today's tie-dye trend still references the original individuality, but creates a statement relevant for today. Infusion is great for incorporating this trend into your apparel. The color options are limitless so you can customize your garment in your custom brand colors, without the minimums and time of a custom job.

2. Varsity


Collegiate style is in session. Spring 2019 runways featured many preppy and varsity looks, with fashion houses taking inspiration from street brands in their use of athletic sportswear branding. While college-licensed apparel has been trending the last year, thanks to several key celebrities and influencers supporting the look, corporate branding can definitely express their own varsity vibes. Utilizing HXD to create a letterman or badge look can modernize a jacket, while a full front or back True Edge™ in an athletic font can unify a corporate team event. 

3. Bold Vertical


Maximize your brand exposure with a large and in charge vertical logo running up or down the sleeve, chest, zipper, center back or along the side seams. This logomania trend invites the confident to boldly rep their brand. True Edge™ is a great decoration method for impact branding as you can decorate on more locations than traditional embroidery.

4. Tone It Down


Alternative tonal options are on the rise. Spring 2019 runways saw a lot of muted and natural tones, and it makes sense that it trickles into decoration as well to create contemporary branded pieces. Laser is a great tonal decoration option as your logo is etched right into the fabric. Tonal decorations created through the use of Deboss, True Edge™, Embroidery and HXD are great as it also adds extra dimension.

5. Less Is More


Here's a trend that minimizes branding size, creating a clean design that can maximize the cost-per-wear for an apparel piece as it can be more multi-functional. A small accent or monogram type icon placed in view of the eye is enough to subliminally connect to the viewer. Classic embroidery would be great for an outerwear or woven piece while HXD and True Edge™ can really capture small details in a smaller size decoration.

6. Splice Up Your Life


The splice trend is twice as nice, creating a new aesthetic by combining two different looks together. While the trend in fashion has different garments and fabrics being spliced together, this trend can also be accomplished with one decoration hit. Our full front laser goes over the zippers so you can create an instant splice of your artwork, while you can always combine your artwork creatively and imprint with True Edge™, Embroidery, and Infusion as well.

Ready for more inspiration?

Visit our decoration page to see all ways that we can bring your brand apparel to life.

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