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Setting Up Shop

5 Must-Haves For Working From A Coffee Shop

Setting Up Shop

So you've never worked from a coffee shop before, eh? Well, with so many people now working from home – lots of them for the first time – there are bound to be some who eventually want a change of scenery, even if it's just for a couple of hours.

Enter the neighborhood coffee shop. It's a little different from working at home – and not just because there's always someone around to make you coffee. There might not be as much room to spread out, and it can definitely get a little loud with all the noise from baristas making espresso. (Coffee shop lovers consider this cacophony of clanking, banging and hissing "ambience.")

With all that in mind, here are five things that'll make the local coffee shop feel like your home away from … home office.

1. Earbuds

Along with noisy baristas and whistling espresso machines, chatty neighbors can be a distraction too – it is a coffee shop, after all. And that's when you pop in the earbuds. Our Braavos True Wireless Earbuds (7198-63) even come with a charging case, so they're always powered up when you need them. 

2. Wireless Power Bank

Take our word for it – seats near the power outlets are prime real estate. But who needs a wall outlet when you've got a heavy-duty wireless power bank? The Swift Universal 10,000 mAh Wireless Power Bank (7121-63) packs plenty of juice – no wires required.

3. Computer Backpack

OK, so this is a no-brainer. But what might be surprising is you don't have to pay retail price for a retail look. The budget-priced Urban 15" Computer Backpack (SM-7062) is the same trendy graphite color you're seeing everywhere from the campus quad to the corporate office park.

4. Umbrella

OK, so you obviously don't need an umbrella while you're posted up inside. But just because it was nice and sunny when you walked in doesn't mean it won't be pouring when you're ready to walk out. With an ultra-compact design, the 39" Totes Folding Mini Umbrella (8850-14) fits right in your bag, just in case Mother Nature gets a little moody.

5. A Light Layer

Maybe you end up sitting near the door on a chilly morning, or maybe the air conditioner makes the place feel like a meat locker. It's never a bad idea to have a light layer – preferably a sporty full-zip that's easy to take on and off. The stylish Tamarack Knit Jacket (TM98137/TM18137) checks all the boxes.

Got all that? Good.

Now grab a seat, figure out that wifi password, and get down to business.

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