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Save Money, Save Time

​Three ways that Trimark's simplified pricing makes your life easier.

Save Money, Save Time

At Trimark, the clothing we develop is just the start. We love helping you create just the right look for your brand, but we also want to make your overall experience as easy and hassle-free as possible. We all know that time is money - and Trimark's simplified approach to apparel pricing saves you both. Here 's how:

1. Sizes

We want to simplify your branded apparel experience, especially when it come to budgeting. That's why all our sizes are priced exactly the same (yes, even up to 5XL and Tall). If you have a company branded merchandise store or are in charge of outfitting a sales team with apparel, then you understand the challenges of putting together an apparel budget when difference sizes have different prices. We understand that people come in all shapes and sizes so we've taken the guesswork out of a major part of your apparel budget. 

2. Decoration

We offer six high-quality imprinting methods for one low price. Each method has its own unique look, allowing you to choose the one that – in combination with our stylish apparel – delivers the greatest impact for your brand. We want you focus to be on selecting the best way to represent your brand.

3. Run Charges 

Surprises can be fun, but not when it comes to quotes and budgets. By including run charges for the first decoration location in the garment price, we've tried to make your life a little easier and more predictable. 

The Bottom Line

We create stylish, comfortable clothing people love to wear. We also work hard to create a decorated clothing experience that you'll love - one that's stress-free and one that helps you win business.  A simplified pricing approach that eliminates the guesswork is a big part of that effort. 

The new 2019 Trimark catalog is available here.

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