PCNA - Polo Shirt Myths Debunked
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  Apparel, Trends

Polo Shirt Myths Debunked

We happily put an end to some common misconceptions.

Polo Shirt Myths Debunked

When you think of polo shirts, what words come to mind? Chances are "trendy" and "stylish" are not the first things that pop into your head. Polos are incredibly popular, especially in the world of corporate branded apparel, but they sometimes get a bad rap. We're here to take a look at some of the myths and misconceptions that surround this versatile piece of apparel. There's tons of branding potential once you get rid of some outdated thinking.  


"If you've seen one polo, you've seen them all."


The Trimark polo design spectrum is HUGE. From corporate and refined to relaxed and casual there are tons of options to give you the look you're going for. Sometimes you want bold color blocks, other times a subtle, heathered pattern is the right canvas for your branding. Plus, polos are constructed with a wide variety of fabrics that all have different aesthetic and performance properties. 

Even little details like the collar or buttons present opportunities to try something new and exciting. By going with a mandarin collar or choosing a shirt with  snaps instead of buttons,  you're stepping away from business as usual and setting yourself up to get noticed.    


The Concord Polo (TM16611/TM96611) has a trendy heathered look.


"Women's polos are boxy and shapeless."


In branded apparel, one size definitely does not fit all. For a piece to be successful, it has to be worn. Which is why Trimark develops women's-only styles and offer women's versions for almost every polo we introduce. We take steps to make sure our women's pieces fit well and flatter. 

The majority of our women's polos have shaped seams and tapered waists for a flattering fit. Some of our women's polos also have more feminine design elements like mandarin collars and no-button plackets. Our goal is to create a polo that people love to wear.


The women's version of the Antero Polo (TM96703/TM16703) has a no-button placket, shirttail hem and tapered waist.


"A branded, decorated polo is going to make me look like a billboard."


Long gone are the days of left chest branding as the only option. Trimark polos have tons of standard decorating locations and six high-quality imprint methods so you can create branding that ranges from bold to subtle, and everything in between. 

Every organization, every brand, is unique and we're in the business of making sure you get the decorated polo that perfectly expresses how you want the world to see you. Maybe you want a small, tasteful logo in tone-on-tone on the sleeve, maybe you want a bold graphic on the chest. Either way, you can get the right look.


Trimark polos have tons of standard imprint locations.

The Bottom Line

Trimark polos are branded apparel favorites for a reason. They are versatile, stylish garments with tons options to give you the right feel for your organizations. Haven't looked at polos for a while? It's definitely time to revisit them and imagine the possibilities.