PCNA - What's Your Brand ID?
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What's Your Brand ID?

You've got thousands of gift options, but it all comes back to creating a gift that reinforces you brand identity.

What's Your Brand ID?

Question: When you're selecting gifts - whether it's for clients, vendors or employees - do you approach it as a task to check off your list or a strategic marketing decision that communicates really important information to really important people?

Sure, you know that a gift says a lot about your company, but are you really taking the time to think about your brand and how you can use a gift to reinforce (or change) they way people think about you?

You've got thousands of options, but it all comes back to creating a gift that supports the story you want to tell the world about your company or organization.

Let's take a look at three different brand identities and some products and apparel that send the right message:

Brand ID: Laid Back

Think about products for relaxing and having a good time. Kick back with these chill pieces:


Roots73 Riverside Hoody (TM18203/TM98203) Campster Craft Cooler (7950-77)

Brand ID: Sophisticated

Think in terms of the classics with products that never go out of style. These timeless gifts keep it classy:


Leather Binder Gift Set (LB-800GS) Modena Wine Gift Set (1401-23)

Brand ID: Modern

You're in tune with the latest trends, so make a statement with the latest in tech and Bluetooth audio. These pieces have plenty of wow-factor:

download-(3).jpg download-(5).jpg

VR Headset With Headphones (7140-90) Arryn True Wireless Earbuds (7198-24)

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the goal is to choose a piece that people are going to notice - something that establishes or reinforces a brand and makes the recipient feel special.

Ready for more inspiration? Our customizable 2017 Gift Season Idea Guide has the perfect mix of products and apparel to get you started for holiday and year-end gift giving.