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Outfit Your Team To Make The Best Impression

Events like golf tournament fundraisers require big investments of time and money. Giving your staff (and guests) the right branded gear maximizes your message both during the event and after everyone has gone home.

Outfit Your Team To Make The Best Impression

Let’s face it. Organizing and hosting a special event like a charity golf tournament involves a big investment of time and money. And since you’re most likely holding these events to increase awareness and raise money for an organization, you'll want to take every opportunity to get your message out there.

Because the tournament staff and volunteers are the face of the organization, it's a smart move to outfit them with branded apparel for the event. It creates a consistent, professional image for the organization and provides valuable exposure throughout the event. Plus, it helps guests know who to ask if they have any questions.

At the same time, it’s also wise to think of your guests as part of the team too. After all, they’re the ones supporting your cause by coming to the event. Leaving them with a special gift like a nice backpack or some high-quality drinkware, not only shows your appreciation for their support, it buys you brand impressions every time they use the gift.

With so many options, where do you start? Well, below are a couple of new products to make your team look good and make your guests/donors feel appreciated. For more ideas and tips, check out the PCNA Golf Idea Guide.

Event Staff Apparel:

download-(2).jpg download-(4).jpg

Jaya Knit Jacket Macta Short-Sleeve Polo

Guest Giveaways:

download-(3).jpg 1975-10BK_D-(2).jpg

Rocky 20-oz. Vacuum Tumbler Elevate Tangent 15" Computer Backpack