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  Industries, Trends

New Trends In Education Mean New Opportunities

We take a look at four key trends in the education market and how they're creating new branding opportunities for schools and universities.

New Trends In Education Mean New Opportunities

A few years ago, a PPAI study found that the U.S. education industry, made up of public and private schools and universities, is the number one buyer of promotional products. A follow-up PPAI profile of the education industry used the following numbers to demonstrate the market’s strength and buying power:

Source: PPAI Report

With growth and evolution, the marketing needs of schools and universities are changing. We've identified four current education trends that are creating new branding opportunities.

1. Competition

There has been rapid growth in the number of educational options at every level, and not just in higher education where online and distance learning is quickly shattering the old formulas. Across the board, public, private, charter, magnet and online schools are all vying for attention and enrollment. As institutions compete for the best and brightest, they want to stand out. And we all know that a great branded promotional product can really make a difference when trying to be noticed and remembered.

2. Technology

Like the rest of the world, schools and universities are adopting new technology at incredible speeds. It’s not uncommon to see students at every level carrying iPads instead of text books. What does this shift mean for promotional products companies? As technology in schools becomes more common and more mobile, we’re seeing an increased opportunity for tech accessories like power banks and Bluetooth speakers – both useful, effective items for increasing brand awareness.

3. Focus on Health and Wellness

From fitness and nutrition programs, to charity run/walks, schools are mirroring society’s increased focus on health and wellness. As we know, new initiatives and special events need awareness to work. Promo products such as sports bottles and t-shirts are proven tools for spreading the word and rewarding participants.

4. Fundraising and Development

All these new technologies, programs and events need money to survive. As a result, educational institutions’ fundraising efforts are becoming more aggressive and sophisticated. To create long-term relationships and repeat giving, it’s critical to recognize donors. From reusable totes to luggage from a well-known brand, the perfect gift can be chosen to match the donation size.

Where to Start?

Check out PCNA's strategies and tools for education promotions.