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Now Trending: Health And Beauty

Products for promoting a message of wellness.

Now Trending: Health And Beauty

Concepts like self-care, stress management and work-life balance are big cultural trends right now. It makes sense that the increasingly hectic nature of modern life has resulted in a renewed (and much needed) focus on wellness.  It's also no surprise that the sales of health and beauty products like body lotions, lip balms and bath bombs are skyrocketing in retail.

Cultural trends aside, health and beauty items have a unique quality that makes them particularly effective promotional products. Since they are designed to soothe, relax and protect, they send the message that your brand cares about the recipient's well-being. 

Let's look at the current trends driving the category's popularity:


Learning how to eat right, reduce stress, exercise regularly, and take time-out when you need it are huge trends in popular culture right now. The light speed pace of modern life has resulted in an increased interest in ways to slow down and de-stress. While taking some me-time for a spa day might not always be practical, many people are destressing withe spa treatments at home. These spa products are ideal for sending a message that you care.


Tranquility 3-Piece Spa Scent Gift Set (Available only in the United States)

Natural Ingredients

All-natural health and beauty products have seen increasing success recently. With concerns surrounding item ingredients and chemical sensitivities, it's important to offer these products as part of a regular assortment. We currently offer SPF-free, alcohol-free, all-natural, and even wax-free items.  We also proactively changed all sunscreen formulations to be "reef-safe", keeping in mind the environmental impact as well.


All-Natural Non-SPF Lip Balm (Only available in the United States)

Safety and Compliance

Safety is a critical message in the health and beauty segment. Corporate wellness and safety initiatives are at an all-time high and first-aid kits have never been more popular. Ideal for delivering the message of safety and well-being, they make great onboarding gifts and giveaways for community health events. Rarely thrown away, first aid kits deliver years of brand impressions.


Trek 8-Piece Waterproof First Aid Kit (Only available in the United States)

The Bottom Line

Health and beauty products have a wide range of applications - from community events and onboarding packages, to customer thank-you gifts and corporate safety programs. They are ideal for any brand that wants to deliver a message of caring. Click HERE for a look at our entire collection of health and beauty products, available at every price point imaginable. 

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