PCNA - Introducing FinalStraw
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Introducing FinalStraw

Our newest eco-friendly brand partner makes collapsible, reusable straws.

Introducing FinalStraw

Big news!

Leed's and FinalStraw, a manufacturer of collapsible, reusable straws, recently announced their exclusive partnership to bring this popular eco-friendly brand to the promotional products industry.

Since January 2019, we have been carrying FinalStraw, which includes a collapsible re-usable straw, squeegee to clean, and a small case for both items to fit in. Products will be available with multi-color decoration and will qualify for next day turn with SureShip®.

"Leed's is an industry leader who understands the importance of corporate social responsibility, so our partnership with them felt very natural," said Emma Cohen, CEO and Co-Founder for FinalStraw. "FinalStraw was started in response to the devastating impact that plastic pollution has on our environment. By selling in the promotional products channel, we hope to get more reusable straws into more people's hands to reduce plastic pollution."

It's a great opportunity offer an in-demand product that gives brands a chance to align themselves with a timely, positive message – and have a tangible impact on waste elimination efforts.


"FinalStraw has a strong understanding of the promotional products market," said Heather Smartt, Global Category Director at PCNA. "Now more than ever, there's demand for non-disposable items and we are fortunate that, as a company, we are able to bring these types of items to our industry in an effort to provide consumers with the brands and items they want."

Plastic waste elimination is a significant cultural and corporate trend right now. Consumers today, especially millennials and Gen Z, place a much higher priority on environmental issues - and they are demanding that the companies and organizations they interact with uphold these same values.

Corporations and the public sector are beginning to act in response to consumer demands for increased environmental responsibility. Last year, Starbucks, Aramark and American Airlines all publicly vowed to eliminate plastic straws. Seattle and Washington, DC have both banned plastic straws, while New York City, Hawaii and California all have pending straw ban legislation.  

Click here for more information on FinalStraw and what it can do for your brand.

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