PCNA - How To Buy: Bluetooth Earbuds
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How To Buy: Bluetooth Earbuds

Your guide to the ever-changing world of headphones.

How To Buy: Bluetooth Earbuds

How we listen to our music, podcasts and audiobooks is constantly changing.

These days, most of us turn to our devices  to play the songs and programs we love and our speakers and headphones are becoming increasingly wireless. Bluetooth headphones, already gaining in popularity, quickly became the go-to choice when Apple released the iPhone 7 without a traditional 3.5mm audio jack. If the biggest tech company in the world thinks that the future is wireless, we're paying attention.

Samsung and other phone manufacturers followed Apple’s lead and eliminated the headphone jack from their latest smartphones. And according to the market research firm NPD, 69 percent of every dollar spent by U.S. consumers on headphones in 2017 went to models that link to mobile devices via a Bluetooth connection instead of a cord.

Because of its near ubiquity, Bluetooth audio is a great way to deliver brand impressions.  You have options so let's explore some of the key features and technology that you need to know when choosing Bluetooth earbuds as a marketing promotion.

True Wireless

This is the cutting edge for wireless Bluetooth earbuds. True Wireless means that there's no wire connecting the earbuds. Many models feature cases that serve as portable chargers for the headphones and some cases can even be charged wirelessly!


Tully True Wireless Earbuds and Case (7198-39)

Amazon Alexa Integration

These Bluetooth headsets are integrated with Amazon Alexa Voice Service. Just push the command button and ask “Alexa” a question, like “What’s the weather?” or “How is my commute looking this morning?” 


Logic Bluetooth Headset with Amazon Alexa (7198-69)

Drinkware with Bluetooth Earbuds

Twice the wow! Bluetooth earbuds are integrated into the lid of an insulated bottles so you can stay hydrated and take your tunes on the go.


True Wireless Portable Insulated Bottle (1626-16)

Bluetooth Receivers

There's a solution for individuals who have a newer phone without an audio jack but still want to use their favorite wired headphones. With a Bluetooth receiver you can plug in wired headphones and connect the receiver to your smartphone wirelessly.


Bluetooth Receiver (SM-3787)

Built-in Music Control and Mic

Here’s a feature that makes life a little easier while you’re on the move. Headphones with a built-in volume control function and microphone enable you to take calls and control the music without touching the connected device.


Color Pop Bluetooth Earbuds with Mic/Music Control (SM3769)

Next Steps

Ready to find the perfect Bluetooth earbuds for you next project? Check out the entire PCNA collection

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