PCNA - Four Must-Haves For Every New Hire Package
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Four Must-Haves For Every New Hire Package

​"Onboarding is a magic moment," according to one expert.

Four Must-Haves For Every New Hire Package

Onboarding, the approach to bringing on new hires that goes beyond a simple orientation day, is an increasingly critical part of business success. Making a good impression with employees early on pays big dividends down the road. Experts warn against wasting the opportunity.

"Onboarding is a magic moment when new employees decide to stay engaged or become disengaged," said Amy Hirsh Robinson, principal of the human resources consulting firm The Interchange Group. "It offers an imprinting window when you can make an impression that stays with new employees for the duration of their careers."

Looking at the latest trends, it's obvious that a kit of branded products is a cornerstone of any onboarding experience. It's a real, tangible way to say "Welcome to the team" and build a positive relationship from the start.

Below, we've curated our ultimate onboarding kit. It's a mix of gifts that shows new employees what you're all about from the very start.

1. The Stylish Layer

These always-in-season knit jackets and other lightweight layers are super popular thanks to the athleisure trend. Wear them over a polo or tee in moderate temps, or under a winter jacket when it's cold out. Plus, they're especially practical in a world where chilly, over-air-conditioned offices sometimes have employees trying to keep warm in the middle of summer.

TM18705 600x600.jpg

The Perren Knit Jacket from Trimark 

2. The Bottle With A Message

Onboarding is the perfect time to demonstrate an organization's commitment to a good cause. A reusable bottle, along with a note about plastic reduction, leaves new hires feeling good about their employer's attitude toward the environment.

1627 600x600 B.jpg

CamelBak Eddy Bottle from Leed's

3. The Modern Laptop Backpack That Won't Break The Budget

For employees who travel with laptops, a sleek, modern backpack is a great addition to an onboarding package. The best part? These major impression-generators don't have to break the budget. There are tons of stylish, high-quality options at every price point.

SM-7767 600x600.jpg

Brandt Computer Backpack from Bullet

4. The Everyday Useful Items

Don't forgot the essentials! Pen sets, mousepads and badge holders make life a little easier for employees as they adjust to life at a new organization.

5893-29 600x600 B.jpg

Luxe Vincenzo Pen Set from Leed's

Let's Get Down To Business

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