PCNA - Demand For Masks Is Here To Stay
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Demand For Masks Is Here To Stay

​So Which Style's Right For Your Next Project?

Demand For Masks Is Here To Stay

Health experts agree: Wearing masks is one of the most effective ways to slow the spread of COVID-19. And lots of big retailers agree too. That's why Walmart, Target, Lowe's, Starbucks and many others are requiring them for both employees and customers.

Bottom line? Everyone's going to need a mask, at least for the foreseeable future. And if we're being honest, everyone can use several masks, because you always want to have a clean one handy.

Here's a closer look at four different styles to help you decide which one's right for your next project.


Organic Cotton Mask | 1490-13-COMING SOON


From restaurants and retailers to fitness centers and manufacturing facilities, businesses large and small are requiring employees to wear masks. This new organic cotton mask is comfortable enough to wear all day and can be imprinted with a logo. Plus it's part of our EcoSmart® collection, so one percent of sales are donated to environmental nonprofits.


3-Ply Personal Utility Mask | SM-1010


While retailers, restaurants and other businesses may require masks … that doesn't necessarily mean customers will show up with one. Available for $0.78[c] each ($1.05[c] in Canada), businesses can stock up on our single-use utility mask, either for customers who forget theirs or employees who need a backup.

Amos Eco Snood | TM45601


Businesses aren't the only ones adjusting to the "new normal." Colleges and universities are going to look different too. The Amos Eco Snood is fully customizable, making it a great way for students, faculty and staff to show their school spirit, and for fraternities, sororities and other campus organizations to show their pride around campus.

Aside from being made with a cottony-soft recycled polyester – a nice bonus for the college market, where eco-consciousness is high – the Amos Snood features UV protection for outdoors and, as far as face coverings go, is pretty darn stylish.

Omi Flat Mask | TM45603-COMING SOON


The key thing about the new Omi Mask is that it's CPSIA-compliant, meaning it's certified safe for children 10 and older. And if you're thinking about back-to-school, keep in mind it's nice for students (and teachers) to have a fresh mask to wear every day.

Made with the same breathable, moisture-wicking fabric as our lightweight Omi Tech Tee, the Omi Mask has adjustable ear cuffs for a comfortable fit.

So there you have it. Four very different face coverings, with lots and lots of potential applications. To check out our entire collection, click here. 


Please Note

These masks and snoods are not government-approved for medical use. They are not as effective in preventing disease transmission as a surgical mask or N95 mask. Wearing these products over the nose and mouth is an additional measure that can be taken to protect those around you when physical distancing is difficult to maintain.