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A Better Way To Find The Right Bag

The most important thing to consider before you start browsing.

A Better Way To Find The Right Bag

Bags can bring brands tons of visibility - but only if people want to use them. So before you start browsing, think about who your bag's for. 

To get you started, here are three different people with unique interests and requirements for the type of bag they want to carry.

1. The Trendsetter


What They Want:

Trendy colors, materials and silhouettes. The look’s as important as the function, because for trendsetters it’s more than just a bag – it’s another way to show off their style.

Where You'll find Them:

Coffee shops, art galleries, city parks and, if it’s Sunday morning, the hottest new brunch spot.

Their Favorite Brands: 


Merchant & Craft 


Field & Co

2. The Active Type


What They Want:

Durability and functional design are essential. The bag should be lightweight, comfortable and ergonomic.

Where You'll find Them:

Hiking trails, health clubs, yoga studios and, occasionally, parts unknown.

Their Favorite Brands: 

High Sierra® 



3. The Professional


What They Want: 

A bag for both 9-to-5 and business trips – which is why a checkpoint-friendly laptop sleeve is non-negotiable. 

Where You'll Find Them: 

The office, airport, hotel lobby and back seat of a taxi (checking email, probably). 

Their Favorite Brands: 


Cutter & Buck® 


The Bottom Line

The 2019 ASI Global Ad Impressions reports that promotional bags generate 3,300 impressions throughout their lifetime and the average bag is kept an average of 11 months. Imagine the increased impressions created when you select a bag that the person truly loves.

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