PCNA - 10 Awesome At-Home Activities
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10 Awesome At-Home Activities

Spending more time at home doesn't mean you can't have any fun.

10 Awesome At-Home Activities

Considering what's happening here at home and abroad, it looks like we'll all be spending more time at home. Concerts are being postponed, sporting events are being cancelled, theme parks are closing down, and travel is generally discouraged.

But spending more time at home doesn't mean you can't have any fun. In fact, there's tons of exciting things to do around the house, whether it's a Sunday afternoon or an unplanned stay-cation.

Here are our top 10 awesome at-home activities.

1.  Have A Picnic

Spring's finally here. What better way to enjoy the warmer weather than an old-fashioned picnic with friends? A big, roomy cooler can handle all your beverages and snacks while keeping everything cold.


20-Can Backpack Cooler (4200-21)

2. Take A Hike

Take some time to enjoy nature by hitting your local hiking trails. Carry all your gear in a sturdy backpack, and a bring lightweight knit jacket in case it cools off.


CamelBak Eco-Arete 18L Backpack (1627-57)


Perren Knit Jacket (TM18705/TM98705)

3. Take A Nap

That’s right, you heard us. In a recent study, researchers from the University Hospital of Lausanne in Switzerland say napping two or three times a week might be good for your heart health. We’re no scientists, but we agree.


Natural Hammock Swing (1070-85)

4. Listen To Music

Relaxing at home is the perfect opportunity to check out some new music, rediscover some old gems and maybe even have an impromptu dance party.


Boulder Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker (7199-85)

5. Try Out Some New Tech

Take a moment to disengage from you phone or laptop and tinker with some different tech, like a super-cool drone.


Gesture Control Drone (7142-27)

6. Movie Night!

Get nice and cozy under a blanket and catch up on the latest movies – or cue up an old favorite you haven't seen in a while.


7. Read A Good Book

What's better than curling up on the couch with that book all you friends have been telling you about? Of course, you need a mug of your favorite beverage to go with it.


Speckled Enamel Mug (1628-44)

8. Backyard Campout

Dust off that tent in the basement and sleep under the stars. A lantern will help you get the camping vibe just right.


Three-Function Lantern (1431-17)

9. Plan A Game That Tests Your Brain

Unplug the devices and enjoy some peace and quiet with a puzzle.


Mind Trap 3D Puzzle (1025-61)

10. Cook Out

BBQ season is heating up! Fire up the grill and enjoy the simple pleasure of cooking outside. 


BBQ Now Apron and 7-Piece Set (1450-89)

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