Help & FAQs: Shipping




For U.S. domestic shipping quotes, UPS is our standard carrier. When your order ships, you'll receive an Advance Shipping Notice with a tracking number.

Shipments within the United States
  • FOB Miami, FL
  • FOB Cranston, RI (All sublimated items)
  • FOB Eau Claire, WI (HL dental care items)
  • FOB Cedar Rapids, IA (Health and Beauty)
  • FOB Tampa, FL (Health and Beauty)
  • FOB Florence, KY (All other HL items)
Shipments within Canada
FOB Toronto, Ontario, Canada providing that ground and expedited services will ship via our designated carrier as prepay (no third party billing, no customer-specified carriers). To arrange for pickup of the shipment, or specify a carrier and account number, one business day must be added to the ship date for FOB Toronto. If you cannot add the additional business day, the order will ship FOB Hialeah
International Shipments (Including Canada)
See product info for export restrictions of Health and Beauty products from all locations.
Catalog prices do not include duties, taxes or broker fees. These fees will be prepaid and added to your invoice (free domicile) provided we are shipping your order and billing you for the freight. You will be billed for these fees on your original invoice, if possible. If not, you will receive notification on your original invoice that charges will follow, and they will be billed within 60 days. Export documents will reflect customer purchase price and will be provided at no additional cost.
If you wish to specify a carrier and account number for an international shipment, you will be responsible for customs clearance and ultimate delivery of shipment, as well as for duties, taxes, and broker fees. You must provide broker name, address and phone number with your order.
If you are shipping to Canada under your carrier account number and you are not shipping under your NRI# (Non-residential importer number), Canadian Customs has the right to contact the receiving party to request payment of duties and taxes prior to clearance.
Customer Pick Up
Pickup hours are between 9:00AM EST and 5:00PM EST on regularly scheduled business days. Customer pickup is available in Miami, FL and Florence, KY for items decorated in these locations. Your order will be available for onsite customer and/or third party scheduled trucking pick-up the next business day after the specified ship date (i.e. plus 1 day) unless special arrangements are made with the factory. Contact factory prior to pickup to ensure your order is ready. Customer pickup is not available for FOB points outside of Miami, FL & Florence, KY.

Weights on the website are approximations based on ground shipping. Shipping weights for items packed in oversized boxes may vary greatly from actual shipping weight. Variances may occur from product density, packaging and dimensional shipping weight. Dimensional weight qualifying shipments will be billed accordingly. Leed’s is not responsible for differences in final freight charges versus quoted estimates.

Exporting goods to foreign markets is complex, and requirements vary by country. If you intend to export your order, our shipping department can handle the arrangements for your shipment and advise if there are any issues that might affect its import at your intended destination. However, due to the legal complexities surrounding international shipments, we are not permitted to provide any export documentation should you or your agent handle the export logistics.

UPS® carbon neutral
We're proud to ship orders using UPS® carbon neutral, an option that supports projects to offset the emissions of your shipment's transport. With environmental projects ranging from reforestation and wastewater treatment to landfill gas destruction, UPS® carbon neutral is another way we can all work together to make a difference.