Help & FAQs: Samples




Create lifelike virtuals in just a few clicks. (Note: You must be signed in to your account.)
  • Click “Configure My Order” on the product page.
  • After selecting color, quantity and decoration method, add your artwork.
  • Add artwork from your computer or your library.
  • Choose a decoration location to create your virtual.

If you need something more complex, you can also request a virtual.

Blank samples are available on most products and can be purchase at catalog EQP pricing and 50% off ground shipping when ordered on our website. Limit of one piece per size per style/color, Sample orders received by 5PM EST (for U.S. destination) ship next business day and would ship on PCNA's preferred carrier. Blank samples are non-returnable.
Spec samples include a specific logo, decoration method and location. These can be purchased at 25% off catalog EQP for the product. These items are non-returnable. Full setup and running charges apply. Limit of three per item number. Spec samples are available for SureShip® up to 5 items (maximum of 3 pieces per item).
Self-promotions can be purchased at standard decorated order pricing for the product. Full setup and running charges apply. These items are non-returnable. Limit of middle-column quantity per item number. Due to increased holiday production, self-promotion orders for all items must ship by October 30, 2021. Additional restrictions may apply on new items. Self-promotion discount only applies to the specific piece that is decorated with the distributor’s name or logo only. The addition of other imprinted logos or names to the product will disqualify it from receiving any discount. In the case of multiple items on one order; only the items with the distributor name or logo are eligible for the self-promotion discount. Clearance items are not available for self-promotion.