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Partnerships with nonprofits and retail brands that give back allow us to have a real impact:

Thousands of people provided with sources of clean water. Millions of trees planted. Over 14 million plastic bottles upcycled.

With your help, we’ll continue making a difference.

Brands + Products

Better For The Planet, By The Numbers

Choosing products with materials like recycled plastic and cotton makes a real impact.


Used for bottles and containers, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is the most commonly recycled plastic in the world.

Recycled Cotton

Pre-consumer is salvaged from the manufacturing of cotton goods, while post-consumer is from used tees and towels.

Eco-Friendly Options

Recycled plastic, organic cotton, FSC®-certified bamboo and more. Our eco-friendly products are made with a variety of materials — all of them better for the planet.

Proud To Partner With Nonprofits

Through a partnership with 1% For The Planet that began in 2019, we donate one percent of eco-product sales to a pair of environmental nonprofits.

1% for the planet

One Percent. Twice As Much Good.

With one percent of eco-product donated to environmental nonprofits, you’re helping the planet in more ways than one.

Since 2019, you've helped us give over $445,000 to our nonprofit partners, Well Aware and One Tree Planted.

well aware logo

Well Aware is an Austin, Texas-based nonprofit with a powerful mission: funding and developing clean water systems for communities in East Africa.

Since our partnership began in 2019, we've helped provide clean sources of water for 12,000 people.


One Tree Planted is a Vermont-based nonprofit committed to global reforestation. The organization plants one tree for every dollar donated.

Since our partnership began in 2019, our donations have helped plant more than 180,000 trees, contributing to global reforestation and creating habitat for biodiversity.

Make A Difference With Retail Brands

Buy from a B Corp. Support a small business. Get an eco-friendly gift. Our portfolio of retail brand partners provides plenty of options.