Power Bank Safety

Safety First!

Before you decide what kind of power bank to buy, you have to know that it’s safe. As the industry leader in quality control, PCNA takes an aggressive approach to ensuring that our power banks can be sold and used with confidence. From the manufacturing facilities we select to post-production testing and quality control, we’re committed to offering power products you can trust.

Power Safety and Factory Selection

Product safety begins with our factories. That's why all of them are required to pass a thorough evaluation process that includes verification of proper internal quality protocols.

Product Specifications & Testing

Our testing includes internal testing and testing by independent third parties. While there are no mandatory standards, our testing exceeds accepted industry standards, and we carry products that have been tested by independent organizations like UL and Intertek, which offer certifications that more and more customers are requesting.

Quality you can Trust
Quality control begins long before production. First, we thoroughly evaluate the factories to ensure they’ll meet our standards. And once the power banks have been produced, we conduct both functional and situational testing.
In addition, we reinforce quality control procedures by:
  • Providing detailed product specs to factories.
  • Working with a quality assurance team on site in China
  • Rejecting substandard purchase orders
Testing conducted by PCNA experts accounts for three areas:
  • Functional testing to ensure products perform safely and expected.
  • Situational testing to ensure that the short-circuit and over-circuit protection performs properly, and that the product will not malfunction when overused or dropped.
  • Cosmetic and packaging evaluation for overall appearances, workmanship, logo imprint and accessories.


We've got a wide selection of power banks and other charging accessories to fit any project or budget. Let's find the right one for you!