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Givee Select is personalized gifting made easy. Our all-in-one platform simplifies the gifting process from start to finish, saving time and resources. Let guests choose and personalize their own unique gifts from our curated, high-quality assortment, ensuring a high level of satisfaction and no unused products or waste. Enjoy quick shipping, no inventory requirements, plus the dependability of working with an industry-leading partner you trust. It’s simply the best experience for you and your customers.
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Get Started In 5 Easy Steps
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Quickly create a storefront with our setup wizard. Configure its look & feel with your colors, logos and more. No developers needed!

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Select from our curated catalog of high-quality products, and customize them with artwork.

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Invite guests to select and personalize their gifts. We’ll take care of the rest.

What makes Givee different?

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Simple, easy-to-use platform - build a store in under 5 minutes!

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Zero inventory requirements and no waste

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Personalized assortment options powered by print on demand

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One supplier end-to-end, transparent pricing and no hidden fees

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Gift orders dropship, direct & fast!

Get more out of gifting with Givee

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Easy & accountable

There’s no complicated tech here. Configure a store for customers in minutes without wasting time on lengthy intake forms, complicated coding or confusing platforms. Once the store is launched, Givee is easy to manage: Customize products, share the store & track shipments all in one place.

Transparent pricing model

Other corporate and event-gifting solutions use multiple suppliers and fulfillers, leading to complicated pricing models and hidden fees. Givee is simple: Pay the price of the items ordered and one flat-rate for shipping. That's it.

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Goodbye, guesswork; Hello, amplified impact!

Givee puts the power of choice directly in gift recipients’ hands. That translates to a better experience for you and your customers.

Higher satisfaction. Less waste.

With no up-front inventory required, Givee eliminates the waste and excess that typically results when customers are forced to ‘guess ahead’ on product demand.

Extended brand impact.

When recipients choose and personalize their own gifts, they are more likely to value and want to keep them - amplifying the brand impression and extending the longevity of the gift's impact on your customer

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Personalization powered by print on demand

Givee personalizes the gifting experience at every stage. And when you choose products from our print-on-demand assortment, recipients can go one step further and make gifts their own with names, dates and more. It’s all seamlessly integrated into the Givee platform – just look for the ✨ icon when browsing our catalog.

What is print on demand?

Print on demand is just as it sounds – it’s our decoration process and method of order fulfillment where items are printed to order, on-demand. Print-on-demand technology is being offered exclusively through the Givee platform.

Learn more about Givee

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Givee Select Overview

Givee Select will allow you to quickly create virtual shops that save time and streamline the gifting process — from start to finish. Watch our video to discover how the Givee Select platform can transform the event gifting experience.
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Givee - How It Works For Guests

The Givee platform is designed to simplify the creation and launch of online gifting stores. See how easy it is to customize your store, offer a curated assortment of premium products, and enable guests to personalize and order their gifts in a few simple steps.
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Distributor Toolkit

Empower and inform your Givee conversations. Check out the content below for valuable insights — perfect for engaging and sharing with customers to confidently promote Givee.

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Givee Select Flyer
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Givee Select Spring 2024 Catalog US [No Pricing]
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Givee Use Cases Flyer
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Givee Select Distributor Guide
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Givee Select End Client Guide
Givee Select Resource & Help Center
Givee Select Resource & Help Center

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