Help & FAQs: Fulfillment & Shipping




Production time begins upon receipt of a signed Order Approval Form, approval of credit and all order information including shipping addresses and customer inserts. We use UPS as our standard carrier for U.S. domestic shipment quoting purposes. Once your order is shipped, we will send you an Advance Shipping Notice, which includes a tracking number.

1-Day SureShip®
  • Next day turnaround is available on orders received by 5pm (EST) and is subject to a $50 (G) fee. See the SureShip page for additional requirements.
  • No paper proof requests
  • No less-than-minimum orders
  • Face coverings excluded
  • HXD orders excluded
  • Beginning of 2nd column maximum quantity
  • Less-than-minimum orders accepted (fees apply)
  • Face coverings excluded
  • HXD orders excluded
  • Beginning of 2nd column maximum quantity
  • Add 1 day for paper proof requests (rush fees apply)
  • Subject to $50 (G) rush fee
5-Days (After order clearance)
  • Less-than-minimum orders accepted
  • Beginning of 2nd column maximum quantity
6+ Extended
  • Lead time quoted based on order requirements
  • Quantities at or above beginning of 2nd column
  • Product proof requests
  • Unique special handling requests
Note: If your order is needed sooner for an event date, please note the event date on your purchase order and we will do everything possible to support your request. Rush fees apply.
Drop shipment charges apply for each additional location requested location per release, plus freight costs. Drop ship addresses must be received at the time of order receipt. If there are more than 10 drop shipment addresses, you must provide addresses electronically via e-mail attachment with a purchase order reference in the subject line. For your convenience, we offer a template for download. SureShip® orders are limited to 10 drop ship addresses. Call for lead times for requests for over 50 locations.
Third-party and customer-designated shippers
Third party orders will be assessed per-order handling fee. If you provide us with an account number for shipping, or designate a specific carrier, you assume responsibility for the shipment from the time the order is ready for pickup.
Special shipping instructions
Additional charges and lead-time may apply for special handling such as palletizing, using custom mailing labels, and special packaging requirements. Please call for lead times. Any labels or packaging must be sent to us prior to production and reference your purchase order number, company name, contact name and phone number.
Customer inserts
Please call for lead times if insertions/attachments are requested. Insertion instructions must be noted on your purchase order. When requesting label attachments, printed labels must be provided to us. Production will not begin until customer-supplied inserts/ attachments are received. Orders above catalog quantity will require additional lead time.
Perfectly Packaged™
Create a gift that makes a big impression! Our Perfectly Packaged™ service includes decorative packaging and custom branding options that make gifts feel more personal. Perfectly Packaged™ also includes unlimited drop shipments, making it easy to deliver gifts directly to the offices or homes of gift recipients — a great option for virtual events, employee gifts and more. Learn more about our popular Perfectly Packaged™ fulfillment service here.
Fulfillment and Decoration Pricing
Learn more information about fulfillment and decoration pricing here.