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Turn Your Energy Into Power

BioLite creates durable products that harness surrounding energy to cook, charge and light your life off-grid.

About BioLite

Why we love BioLite

Why We Love BioLite

BioLite believes that advanced technologies, built on sustainable business practices, have the power to change the world. Its unique parallel-innovation business model pairs the needs of families living in energy poverty with the passions of outdoor enthusiasts.

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Empower people and protect our planet through
access to renewable energy.

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Provide 20 million people with access to clean energy
and to avoid 3 million tons of CO2e by the year 2025.

Impact By Numbers

5222926 People living safer, brighter lives

People living safer, brighter lives

In 2022, BioLite crossed the 5 million lives milestone, bringing reliable energy to people in 31 countries across Africa and Asia.

7186964 Tons of CO2 offset by BioLite products

Tons of CO2 offset by BioLite products

BioLite is proudly Climate Neutral Certified, committed to measuring, reducing and offsetting its annual carbon footprint.

4812600 Kilowatt hours of electricity generated

Kilowatt hours of electricity generated

Beyond an immediate task, energy access creates a cascade of impact on how people spend their time and money.

Why Choose BioLite

When you choose BioLite products, you're supporting the brand's work delivering renewable solutions to people living in energy poverty. That means smoke-free cooking fires, solar panels and lighting when the sun goes down.

BioLite makes a unique, high-end executive gift. It's also a great idea for end users who spend a lot of the time outdoors, or any organization committed to environmental and social responsibility.

BioLite FirePit + | 1095-04

Certified Climate Neutral Gear
To Power Life Outside And Off-Grid

Turn Fire Into Electricity

When you light up a fire to cook your meals, some of the waste head is captured via a copper probe. This heat is converted into useable electricity via a thermoelectric generator. This powers a fan and flows to a USB port to charge your gear.

Feel At Home With Nature-Inspired Light

High efficiency meets high ambiance with this nature-inspired portable lantern. Combining ChromaReal LED technology with ergonomic user-friendly design, choose from a mix of warm or cool color tones to match the mood of your environment.

See Fire, Not Smoke

The BioLite FirePit creates a hyper-efficient burn with patented airflow technology and gives you a frontrow seat to the magic thanks to the X-Ray Mesh Body, enabling 360° views. Control the size of your flames manually or remotely with the free Bluetooth app.

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