Trend Watch: The Sudden Popularity Of Backpack Coolers


The insulation of a cooler. The convenience of a backpack.

Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?

Backpack coolers may be a relatively new concept, but they’re exactly what they sound like. And according to Kyle Boronky, our Senior Category Manager For Coolers And Outdoor, they’ve become extremely popular during the past few months. He explains why in our latest Idea Hub Q&A.

Q:  OK, let’s hear it from the expert: What’s driving the surge in sales for these coolers?

A:  It all goes back to the larger trend of more people spending time outdoors, which started during the pandemic and will continue for the foreseeable future. Our product development team realized pretty early on that “outdoor season” is no longer just a season. And it’s no longer just your so-called “rugged outdoorsy types” buying and using products for outdoor recreation.

Q:  What about the design makes these coolers so ideal?

A:  We all know what it’s like lugging around a heavy cooler with a standard shoulder strap or tote-style handles. The backpack shape and design of these coolers distributes all that weight much more evenly. If you’re walking any distance at all, it’s just a lot easier – along a trail, to your favorite spot on the beach or even from the car to a picnic spot.

Q:  Any other use cases people should be aware of? Industries where distributors might find opportunity?

A:  Absolutely. Golf promotions are definitely a great fit. As for industries, think about work that requires people to have a lot of cold drinks or food out in the field – construction, energy, public utilities, transportation and logistics come to mind.

Q:  PCNA has some really nice options for backpack coolers. Any recommendations?

A:  I’m a big fan of our 20-Can Backpack Cooler from Leed’s. It’s a great combination of size and durability for the price, and you can do a full-imprint that really makes a logo pop.

20-Can Backpack Cooler | 4200-21

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