Top Tech Brands For Gift Season


It’s an exciting time of year. Big events are back, which means the return of tradeshows, conferences, year-end employee awards and holiday celebrations, just to name a few. The coming months are filled with gift opportunities, and whether you’re buying for a big group or a small handful of people, you’ll want to choose something everyone can use – like power banks, speakers and earbuds. Popular tech items check all the boxes, and we’ve got some of the best brands in the industry. 

When it comes to tech accessories, a popular retail brand strongly enhances the perceived value. Here are four brands to focus on this gift season:

mophie® - Designed To Power Inspiration 

With the mophie® suite of portable power products, charging is not only simplified, it's designed to complement your life. An in-house design team selects materials that have the right combination of aesthetics and durability. Materials are vetted for durability as well as high-quality looks. Not only will mophie® products charge your phone fast, they’ll look good doing it and last for many more charges to come.

Our pick: mophie® Power Boost XL 10,400 mAh Power Bank | 7124-08

Bose® - Audio For Life

When you think about high-end audio, one name comes to mind: Bose®. The brand is known around the world for being an innovator of sound technology. Whether it’s used for rugged adventures or backyard BBQs, a Bose® speaker delivers unbeatable sound quality and durability that stands the test of time. This year, give the gift of superior sound.

Our pick: Bose® SoundLink Micro Bluetooth® Speaker | 7195-01

Skullcandy® - Sound Without Boundaries

There’s no doubt about it – Skullcandy® has been making some noise in the promo industry. The mobile-audio brand has carved out a niche as an edgy alternative for headphones and earbuds, combining a youthful spirit and underdog attitude. Skullcandy® products are designed for people who don’t want to just hear the music, but actually feel it. And with our selection of 18 great Skullcandy® products, there’s something for everyone on your list.

Our pick: Skullcandy® Indy™ Evo True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds | 7196-13

Popl - Instantly Share Anything

You only get one first impression. Make it pop with Popl, a business card that makes it easy to share your information instantly by tapping another person’s phone. Popl is compatible with both iPhone® and Android™, and the other person doesn’t need to have a Popl or app to receive your info. More connections, more leads, more sales. It’s the future of networking.

Our pick: Popl Flat | 7194-04

More Ideas For Gift Season

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