‘Techceleration’: What The New Trend Means for You


From e-tickets for concerts to paying the rent with Venmo, technology is integrated with virtually everything we do, every single day: work, working out, watching the game or booking weekend getaways, not to mention connecting with friends and family.

The speed of innovation for the accessories that make it all possible is known as "Techceleration." We asked PCNA Senior Technology Director Mindy Hoffman to tell us more about how the trend is having an impact on the promo industry.

Q: “Techceleration” is probably a new term for some people. Can you explain what it means and why it’s so important? 
A: “Techceleration refers to the idea that innovation is happening faster than ever, bringing ease and convenience to our lives in all new ways. In many cases we’re talking about everyday products, but with integrated tech to enhance their functionality, like a water bottle that glows to remind you it’s time to hydrate or a desktop organizer that wirelessly charges all your devices. People use technology every day, so it’s no surprise they want products that fit seamlessly into their lives.”

Q: Convenience seems to be a major benefit with the products behind the new trend. Can you give us an example of how they’re making life more convenient?
A: “A couple come to mind: A high-tech mug from Ember maintains the perfect temperature for your coffee all day, so you never have to reheat. A ‘smart’ notebook from Rocketbook uses a free app to store your notes and ideas in the cloud for safekeeping, so you can access them from anywhere. It’s exciting to see all these awesome new products and how much ease and simplicity they bring to our lives.”

Q: When distributors are looking for the hottest new tech, why do so many of them look to PCNA first?
A: “I think distributors know they can count on us to bring them the hottest, most innovative new tech accessories first. Popl is a great example – it’s basically a digital business card that lets you share contact info just by tapping another person’s phone. And we also carry popular retail brands like mophie®, Bose® and Skullcandy® – when it comes to tech accessories, the quality people expect from retail brands is extra important, because we all know how frustrating it is when our tech doesn’t work right.”

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