Stocking The Company Store For Hybrid Workers


If you’re stocking a company store this year, remember – some people will be working from home, some will be at the workplace every day, and some will be doing a little of both.


Here are a few ideas that make sense no matter where employees are from 9 to 5.

TM18734/TM98734 Roots 73™ Copperbay Hoody

Chilly home office, or chilling with friends on the weekend. Our new full-zip hoody from brand partner Roots 73™ features a Sherpa fleece-lined body and hood.


1626-53 Mysa Ceramic Tumbler


A hot cup of coffee to start the day is always essential, no matter where people are working. The Mysa even allows you to laser engrave a logo on the lid.


2800-29 Vienna Hard Bound JournalBook

 A budget-friendly notebook available in 10 different colors, the Vienna is one of our top-sellers.


SM-2226 Wheat Straw Food Storage With Utensils

Packing lunch is a big part of the new 9 to 5. And in case you’re wondering, the eco-friendly wheat straw container is microwave-safe.


SM-1528 Clip-N-Go Hand Sanitizer

Kind of a no-brainer, right? The clip is pretty convenient too.


SM-4451 Nash Wheat Straw Ballpoint Stylus Pen


The barrel’s made with 40 percent wheat straw. And don’t forget, one percent of all EcoSmart® sales are donated to environmental nonprofits.


1600-05 Porto Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottle With No Contact Tool

First things first –  a copper vacuum insulated bottle is pretty much essential for the workday. But the Porto also has an integrated “no contact” tool that lets you open door handles and use touchscreen keypads without, you know, actually having touch them. Pretty handy when you’re trying to avoid exposure to germs.