Solekick: Tech Accessories For The Digital Generation


Before we tell you about our new tech brand, Solekick, we thought it’d be helpful to start with a statistic:
More than 60 percent of Gen Z and Millennials say they’d rather be without their wallet than their phone*.
It’s an eye-opening statistic, one that speaks to how much people 40 and younger rely on their phones – everything from e-tickets for concerts to paying the rent with Venmo. Generally speaking, technology is integrated with virtually everything they do, every single day: work, working out, watching the game or booking weekend getaways, not to mention connecting with friends and family.
All of which brings us to Solekick, a new tech brand for the digital generation. A mix of audio, power and other accessories, Solekick products are unified by a single principle: minimalist design for maximum mobility. Because ultimately, the products are about more than streaming music or charging a phone. They’re about ease and convenience.
With retail-style packaging, Solekick provides a memorable gift experience at a lower price point than other brands. Click here for a closer look at the entire collection.
*LivePerson research