Retail Brands: One Of The Biggest Trends For 2022


The pandemic has changed a lot of things – including the way we give gifts. It hasn’t just gotten more common – people are being more thoughtful about it, too. Retail brands have always had appeal for the style, quality and performance, but now the emotional appeal is part of the equation:

People know them, trust them and often identify with them.

We sat down with Chip Canner, PCNA Director of Brand Development, to get the scoop on how the trend is changing the promo industry. 

Q: Brands have always been popular in retail, but they’re really starting to get hot in promo. Why now?
A: “Gift giving has gotten more personal, and in no small part because of the pandemic. People and businesses want to build more meaningful connections with those around them, and it’s easier to create those connections with gifts from retail brands people know and love. Think about when you receive a gift from a brand you like and trust. You’re very likely to use it and keep it.”

Q: Why do so many distributors turn to PCNA for gifts from retail brands?
A: “A few things, actually. We have a large, diverse selection – over 50 in all. And we’re constantly partnering with new brands, because we want to carry something for every type of project or end user. Whether it’s Herschel, Skullcandy®, tentree, mophie® or Klean Kanteen, distributors know we’re the destination for retail brands.”

Q: With so many retail brands in the PCNA portfolio, do any stand out in your mind?
A: “I’m a big fan of the ones that give back, and we have lots of those. We do our best to partner with brands whose values align with our own, so naturally we carry a lot of eco-friendly brands, Certified B Corporations and companies with giveback programs. For example, tentree plants 10 trees for every item sold. Klean Kanteen is 100% Carbon Neutral in its manufacturing and delivery. It just feels good to offer distributors so many brands that are making a difference.”

Q: What tips would you give to distributors about finding the right brand for a project?
A: “ is a great way to find what you’re looking for. Our Retail Brands section lets you view curated collections based on different types of end users, from executives and professionals to outdoorsy types. There’s also a special ‘retail brands’ lookbook with some of our best gift ideas that can be customized and shared with customers.”

The Brands They Love
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