Generate Recurring Revenue In The Promotional Products Industry With Programs


What Is A Program?

Program business is recurring, repeated orders that come from end-user initiatives.  These orders can be for company uniforms, new hire kits, or service anniversaries. It can also include online stores for employees or for departmental purchasing of approved items for events and sponsorships.

Why Focus On Programs?

The continual, recurring revenue created through programs is a great way to ensure financial success. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the promotional products industry’s first Program Center of Excellence. The Program Center of Excellence makes it easier to win and retain your customer programs with a dedicated team that provides everything needed to sell promotional products: vertical-market analytics, strategic merchandising, and turnkey sales tools.

Programs can take on different forms depending on your clients’ needs. It could be anything from an online company or employee store, a new hire welcome kit, or a service recognition program. With any of these though, the key area of focus is that the orders are not placed just once but have ongoing reorders over time. 

Here are some examples of where it would be beneficial to set up a program:

  1. Company Stores

    Often used when a department is looking for pre-approved gifts from corporate for a team meeting or company-hosted event.

  2. Online Employee Stores

    Provides employees with an opportunity to purchase company-branded merchandise.

  3. New Hire and Welcome Kits

    Welcome new team members aboard with branded items. It instills a sense of pride and can be used to set them up for success in their day-to-day tasks.

  4. Service Recognition and Awards

    Many companies have some sort of recognition for service anniversaries.  A great way to set these programs up is to choose a specific gift that each person will receive for their level of service, or a job well done.

  5. Seasonal Events and Orders

     Team orders or holiday sales, these events often offer a short-term window for recipients to pick their items. 

How Can We Help?

Our dedicated team would love to grow your program business. Just tell us a little more about your programs so we can recommend the best products and solutions.