New Year, New You


For a lot of people, "Happy New Year!" also means "Healthy New Year!"

Health and wellness are always top of mind in January, with New Year's resolutions focused on eating better, exercising more and stressing less. With just a month or so left until we turn the page on 2020, let's take a closer look at five trends this topsy-turvy year has created heading into 2021.

No Gym? No Problem.

A lot of gyms remain closed or at limited capacity – and even where they're open, people are nervous about returning. Instead, working out at home has taken hold as a popular alternative. In one survey, 60% of respondents said they're so comfortable working out at home that they plan to cancel their gym memberships (OnePoll).

Between health concerns, convenience and financial savings – memberships cost about $58 a month, on average (IHRSA) – working out at home is working out just fine for lots of people.

Opting Outside

Hiking, biking, camping – even a Sunday afternoon in the park. The pandemic has also driven interest the outdoors, where you can escape the confines of the house without being around lots of people. Aside from the fresh air, research shows that people who exercise outside work out more often, and for longer periods, than those who only work out indoors (Advanced Exercise).

Clean And Healthy

More than ever, people are hyper-focused on keeping themselves – and their belongings – germ-free. Everyone knows about hand-washing and sanitizers, but did you know that ultraviolet light technology is a convenient way to keep personal items sterile? Yep, everyday products like phone chargers with integrated UV-C light can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi without chemicals or mercury.

Green And Healthy

Like we said, the pandemic has prompted people to get outside and explore. This renewed appreciation for nature has put greater focus on protecting the environment, leading to greater demand for sustainable products.

In fact, even before the pandemic, sales of eco-friendly goods were trending – $114 billion in sales in 2018, representing a 29% increase compared with 2013.*

Striking A Balance

It's a question that would've seemed silly a year ago:

When are you working, and when are you off the clock?

But the seismic shift to work-from-home schedules has definitely blurred the line. Taking a walk, stretching or even doing a little yoga can raise your energy levels and refresh your mind (Health Ambition).

Five Trends – One Big Thing To Know

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*NYU Stern Center For Sustainable Business