Introducing UNTUCKit, The Original Untucked Shirt


Introducing UNTUCKit, The Original Untucked Shirt


It’s the perfect fit.

UNTUCKit, which introduced the perfect untucked shirt to consumers back in 2011, is entering the promotional space with the industry leader for popular retail brands.


Black Stone Wrinkle-Free Long Sleeve Shirt | TM31360 


It’s an exclusive partnership happening at the perfect time, as a “new 9 to 5” emerges post-pandemic. Video calls, a day in the office or out on the road – UNTUCKit works, no matter how you work. It has that just-right length, fits all shapes and sizes, and helps you look sharp — even at your most casual.


Petrus Wrinkle-Free Short Sleeve Shirt | TM35454


But let’s be clear. It’s not just about the perfect shirt length. UNTUCKit uses premium fabrics made exclusively for the brand by top-tier manufacturers — all of whom adhere to strict social and environmental guidelines. Every batch is tested to ensure consistency.


Bella Long Sleeve Shirt | TM40190


From hem to collar, each shirt is inspected five times to ensure it retains shape, color and strength. It's an attention to detail that allows you to look your best at all times.

As home to more than 30 retail brand partners, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce UNTUCKit to the promotional apparel space. It combines style, fit, comfort and quality in a way your customers will love.

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