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Helping Hybrid Employees Get The Job Done


This year, some people will be working from home, some will be onsite, and some will do a little of both. For those doing a little of both – hybrid employees – it’ll be important to have items that can easily go back and forth and apparel to wear at the office.


NBN Mayfair 12-Can Cooler | 3850-62

Trendy look for a lunch cooler.


Arctic Zone® Titan Thermal HP® Slim Cooler | 1628-88

Perfect for keeping drinking water cold. Doubles as an insulator for slim cans.


PLA Bento Box With Cutting Board Lid | 1022-20

People heading to the office may want to pack lunch.


Merchant & Craft Revive RPET Waist Pack Backpack | 3750-29

A great bag for carrying a laptop and water bottle to and from the office.



Thule® Subterra PowerShuttle Mini | 9020-72

Organization for on the go – power cables, earbuds and more for the workday.



Mather Knit Half-Zip | TM18307(M) TM98307(W)

A comfy layering piece for video calls at home or a day at the office.


Rocketbook Executive Flip Notebook Set | 0911-19

Save notes directly to the cloud. Includes compatible pen that wipes clean from reusable paper.



Rincon Eco Packable Jacket | TM12725(M) TM92725(W)

Wind- and water-resistant for rainy weather, or pack it up and stow it if you don’t need it. Made with recycled polyester.