First Look: PHOOZY™


Year in and year out, smartphones are among the most popular holiday gifts. And at an average cost of over $550 (Statista), they’re also some of the most expensive – which makes accessories to protect them a great idea for gift season.

That’s why we’re so excited about our newest retail brand partner, PHOOZY™. As seen on “Shark Tank,” PHOOZY™ premium products provide thermal, drop and float protection for smartphones and other electronics. With more people spending time outdoors and being active, PHOOZY™ couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

Adventure Without Limitations

PHOOZY™ was invented to keep smartphones safe, no matter where you take them. CEO and co-founder Kevin Conway said it best: “Having your phone overheat and shut down or sink to the bottom of a lake or river is a sure way to ruin a great adventure." 

ClimateProof. DropProof. SinkProof.

Adapted from spacesuit technology designed to protect astronauts from the extreme temperatures of space, the Thermal Capsule in PHOOZY™ accessories keeps phones from getting too hot in the sun while prolonging battery life in extreme heat and cold – from the beach, to the boat, to the mountaintop. It also offers the added peace of mind of integrated drop protection and buoyancy – meaning it floats, keeping your phone at the surface in case it ends up in the lake or swimming pool.

Three Brand New Styles

PHOOZY™ XP3 | 7194-03

Packed full of features, like an internal stash pocket for your cards and cash. The material reflects more than 90% of the sun's heat to prevent overheating and permanent damage to your device while also insulating it in cold conditions to extend battery life up to 4X (compared to not using a PHOOZY™).

A durable case that protects your phone against extreme cold and heat, extends battery life and provides eight feet of drop protection – and yes, it floats! The split ring/keyring easily attaches your PHOOZY™ to keys, fobs or lanyards.

PHOOZY™ Apollo II | 7194-01

A modern silhouette and durable materials, plus its award-winning technology is integrated into adventure-ready form for the ultimate “city-to-mountain” crossover gear.

Want to get a closer look at our new styles from PHOOZY™? Right this way. >