First Look: Four Big Trends For 2021



To know what 2021 will look like, first we have to look back at 2020. The pandemic created enormous challenges for both public health and the economy, fundamentally changing the way we live and work.


While the relatively small changes to our lives are too numerous to count – from one-way aisles at the grocery store to having a nice backdrop in the home office for Zoom calls – here are four big lifestyle and business trends to know when thinking about promotional products.


Virtual Life


Zoom calls, FaceTime, slick platforms for virtual conferences – technology is helping bring us together, even when we're far apart. Here are a few of the ways it could translate to branded gifts.

+ Swag for virtual conferences

+ Gifts for virtual celebrations

+ Tech for the home office

And remember, it all means people are spending a lot more time at home, where comfort is key.


Wearable Work-From Home Fleece Blanket | 1081-56

Sherpa Tumbler And Slim Can Insulator | SM-6598


Personal Health


The most obvious effect of the pandemic is a focus on staying healthy. As employees return to the workplace and other public places begin to draw crowds again, look for new multi-function products that help prevent germs from spreading.


UV Sanitizer Desk Clock With Wireless Charging | 7143-18

Porto Bottle With No-Contact Tool | 1600-05


Renewed Appreciation


In challenging times, businesses and corporations are looking for ways to be more thoughtful in support of their employees, customers and communities. They want to show appreciation for hard work, commitment and loyalty.


Premium gifts reflect the renewed importance of these relationships, as do gifts with a give-back component to benefit a larger cause.


Telluride Packable Insulated Jacket | TM 99597 (W) TM19597 (M)

CamelBak® LAX 15" Computer Backpack | 1627-61


Family Time

Spending so much time at home – instead of at the office, mall, gym or movies – has allowed us to rediscover what it means to relax and have fun with family.


Zigoo Collapsible Bottle | 1628-89


20-Can Backpack Cooler | 4200-21


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