Create Fully Custom Gifts With Perfectly Packaged™


Create Fully Custom Gifts With Perfectly Packaged™

It’s an exciting time of year! The final months of 2021 are filled with gift occasions – celebrating the holidays, year-end employee awards, and events like tradeshows and conferences, to name a few.

No matter the occasion, there’s an easy way to create a memorable gift experience. Our Perfectly Packaged™ service allows you to create fully custom gifts with products from our Leed’s, Bullet, Trimark and JournalBooks brands. Pick a single product, or mix and match multiple items – from blankets and drinkware to scented candles and snacks*, you can create something that’s a perfect match for your client budget and occasion.

Perfectly Packaged™ also includes decorative packaging, adding a personal touch, and unlimited drop shipments, so you can deliver gifts directly to homes or offices instead of in bulk to a single location.

To learn more about helping your clients create unique gifts that make a big impression, go to the Perfectly Packaged™ page on our website.

*Some products available for U.S. orders only.