Celebrating World Water Day With a Look at Our Collective Impact


Since 2019, we’ve been proud to partner with Well Aware, an Austin, Texas-based nonprofit with a powerful mission: funding and developing clean water systems for communities in East Africa. 

To shed light on this special partnership – and how distributors like you are such a big part of it – we invited Erinn Wright, Director Of Development for Well Aware, to write a guest blog post for World Water Day. Every year on March 22, World Water Day raises awareness about the billions of people worldwide living without access to safe water.

Today is a great reminder that we can all make a difference. 

Making An Impact: 12,000 Lives Changed And Counting
A Guest Blog From Erinn Wright, Director Of Development, Well Aware
Every year, the importance of cross-sector collaboration for social impact becomes more and more apparent. As customers and stakeholders seek ways for everyday purchases to make the world a better place, companies continue to respond by investing in social-good initiatives, from grant-making and nonprofit-event sponsorships to employee matching and give-back programs.

As such, a new brand of partnerships continues to emerge, with platforms like 1% For The Planet – a global network whose members contribute at least one percent of annual sales to environmental causes – making it easier than ever for businesses to find causes that match their corporate social responsibility goals.

That’s where the Well Aware story with PCNA begins.

Well Aware + PCNA
In 2019, PCNA discovered Well Aware through 1% For The Planet and became an official Brand Partner, donating a percentage of ongoing sales to our clean water mission.

In just the first two years, PCNA helped provide more than 12,000 people with lasting clean water.

“When we learned about an opportunity to partner with Well Aware, we jumped at the chance! Not only did it align perfectly with our social impact goals, but the organization’s commitment to its 100% Success Model was a real eye-opener. We realized that nonprofits need to do more than just initiate a project – it’s just as important for them to be a dedicated partner to the communities they serve. We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership and to see the impact we can make on future communities and individuals.” – Kyle Boronky, PCNA

Turning Funding Into Action: Musoa Primary School, Kenya
The impact of this incredible partnership is most evident at Musoa Primary School, a project supported by PCNA in Makueni County, Kenya.

This school supports more than 500 students, from nursery school through eighth grade. Previously, the school only had access to piped water from a nearby stream, which was extremely dirty and resulted in high rates of waterborne illness. As such, many students had to bring drinking water to class every day.

In December 2021, our team used existing infrastructure to design and implement a large-scale rainwater solution that will provide reliable clean water to all current and future students, enabling them to focus on their education and lead healthier lives.
Students like Wavinya, who dreams of being a teacher and loves science because he gets to learn more about his health.

When asked how he feels about the new water project at school, he said:

“We do not carry water from our home anymore. The water is purified, we can wash our hands, and we can drink water every time we want!”

Thanks to PCNA, Wavinya and all 500+ Musoa students no longer have to worry about drinking water. Their lives, as well as the lives of future generations of students, are forever transformed.

Together with PCNA – and by extension you, the distributor – we look forward to amplifying our partnership, reaching more communities like Musoa and providing more people with the lasting clean water they need to survive and thrive.