Build The Ultimate Swag Bag


Conferences, tradeshows and other special events are finally back on the calendar. After more than a year of postponements and cancellations, people are gathering again – and we’re here to help you build the ultimate swag bag.


Start with something fun. Earbuds are available at a wide range of price points, from budget styles to a premium brand like Skullcandy®. Plus they’re nice and small, so they’re easy to ship.

Swag Bag Suggestions:

Color Pop Earbuds (SM-3810) and Sonic Bluetooth® Earbuds And Carrying Case (7198-42)



Notebooks are a natural for conferences – but if you want to do something a little different, try an interactive SmartPicx style from JournalBooks. The SmartPicx technology allows you to include full-color digital images with scannable watermarks – a nice alternative to those weird QR codes – that link users to web content. And remember, when you add a pen, we’ll insert it at no extra charge.

More Swag Bag Suggestions:

Ambassador Bound JournalBook (1921-09) and Cougar Metallic Ballpoint Pen (SM-4646)



If there’s one thing you absolutely, positively must have for a swag bag … well, yep, you guessed it. Totes are ideal for delivering all your swag (plus any printed materials) at the start of an event. And they generate a lot of brand impressions, too – especially now that plastic bags are so passe.

Swag Bag Suggestions:

Recycled Cotton Convention Tote (7901-06) and Hercules Non-Woven Grocery Tote (SM-7427)


Event Apparel

You can’t go wrong with a nice polo, but comfy, lightweight layering styles have become a trendy pick for swag bags. Beyond the event itself, quarter-zips and half-zips can be worn over tees or button-downs, so they’re versatile enough for work or weekends. 

Swag Bag Suggestions:

Taza Knit Quarter Zip (TM17810/TM97810) and Dade Polo (TM16398/TM96398)



The value of drinkware has evolved a bit. With sustainability becoming a way of life for many consumers and corporations, people are more conscientious about using their own bottles and tumblers every day rather than buying drinks in single-use plastics or paper cups. And even with the pandemic largely behind us, attitudes about spreading germs have changed: Refill stations are replacing water fountains in many public places.

Swag Bag Suggestions:

Marka Copper Vac Tumbler With Stainless Steel Straw (1628-82) and Casanova Tritan™ Sports Bottle (SM-6820)



Power banks and wireless charging pads are perfect because they’re so practical. Age, gender, astrological sign … the dread of a dying phone is universal. Of course, wireless chargers are even more practical, because they work with any type of phone. Aside from that, power banks are another gift that’s lightweight and easy to ship.

Swag Bag Suggestions:

Pep 4,000 mAh Power Bank (SM-3714) and Ozone Wireless Charging Pad With Dual Outputs (7141-22)


Hand Sanitizer

Like we said before – attitudes about spreading germs will be different for a long time to come. Including sanitizer in your swag bag is a no-brainer.

Swag Bag Suggestions:

Clip-N-Go Hand Sanitizer (SM-1528) and Squirt Hand Sanitizer (SM-1532)


Live And In Person!

Conferences, conventions, tradeshows, national sales meetings – gear up for any type of event with our best ideas for a swag bag.

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