American Giant™: Quality Clothing. Made in USA.


When it comes to quality and durability, not all clothing is created equal. The same goes for the companies that make the clothing. Some apparel brands are content with compromising quality or relying on overseas labor to cut costs and boost profit margins.
American Giant™ is different. With straightforward style that endures beyond trends, American Giant™ makes clothing that’s durable, not disposable, right here in the United States. Combined with a focus on local supply chains that create opportunities for people and communities, American Giant™ is a perfect fit for our industry-leading portfolio of socially and environmentally responsible retail brands.

Make Things Better, Make Better Things
American Giant™ was founded at a moment of opportunity, where its dissatisfaction with the way clothes were made met new technologies that enabled smaller supply chains. The brand jumped, confident in its belief that, through American ingenuity and innovation, it could go against the current and do better. It started by making a better hoodie with honest, human values built in – a signature piece that would soon be dubbed “The Greatest Hoodie Ever Made” by Slate.

Made To Last, Made in the USA
American Giant™ makes clothes in the United States because keeping things local means it can understand the whole supply chain. That supply chain includes the people who touch the product and make it better. In turn, they gain skills and opportunity, and their communities are revitalized. It's a virtuous cycle of good and humanity.

Durable, Not Disposable
From materials to manufacturing, every hoodie, jacket and tee is designed and produced for maximum comfort and durability. American Giant™ apparel is made to be worn – not end up in a landfill. 

We couldn't be more proud to partner with American Giant™. Get a look at the new styles here