3 Ways To Create Gifts That Include Food


Snacks, sweets and treats are an easy way to make gifts even better. They add a personal touch that makes gifts more memorable – especially combined with our Perfectly Packaged™ service, which includes decorative packaging and unlimited drop shipments.

Here are three ways to create gifts that include food.

No. 1: Make It Your +1

If you’ve got a single-product order, adding a snack is an easy upgrade. Put a bag of Sahale Snacks (4000-30) in a water bottle or Tates Cookies (4000-27) in a backpack. (FYI, it doesn’t need to be a Perfectly Packaged™ order, and we’ll do the product insertion for free.)

No. 2: Thoughtful Themes

Build a gift around a special theme. The outdoors trend is big right now – imagine a Clif Bar (4000-32) with a CamelBak® bottle and backpack. Or create a “cozy” theme with a blanket, ceramic mug and Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate (4000-21), Stash Tea (4000-24) and Lavazza Ground Coffee (4000-22).

No. 3: A Four-Course Gift

Look, people love food. And there’s no rule against creating a gift made up entirely of snacks and treats.

Start with a bag of hearty Field Trip Jerky (4000-35), then make sure you’ve got both sweet and salty snacks covered with Brooklyn Bites Cookie Brittle (4000-28) and a bag of crispy Pressels pretzel chips (4000-36). And finally, for the finishing touch, include a tin of minty-fresh Altoids (4000-37).


Add A Treat. Your Gift Is Complete.

Those are just a few of the possibilities for snacks, sweets and treats – see the entire assortment here. And remember, our food options are a great finishing touch for Perfectly Packaged™ gifts. Learn more about the popular service here.

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