3 Keys To Getting Employees Excited About A Wellness Program


Almost a year into the pandemic, there's renewed focus on personal health and wellness. And from a corporate perspective, the benefits of a healthy workforce are well-established – lower healthcare costs, reduced absenteeism and better productivity, to name a few.

But you can't have an effective corporate wellness program without broad participation. And that's where we can help.


1. Marketing Magic

Create a catchy name for the wellness program, and a logo too. That sort of branding gets people's attention and lets them know the company truly believes in the program.

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2. Cool Giveaways

Create an incentive to sign up with special giveaways. (Just make sure they reinforce a health and wellness theme – no vending machine vouchers!)

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3. Awesome Prizes

Once they're signed up, rewards will help them stick with it and reach their goals. A multi-tiered approach for different levels of achievement will keep even more people involved.


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From budget-priced to signup incentives to achievement awards they'll love, we've got lots of great ideas for corporate wellness programs.

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