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The Unique Value Of Retail Brands
Gift giving has gotten more personal – just one of the reasons retail brands are trending in the promo channel.
Chip Canner, Director of Brand Development
Mindy Hoffman, Senior Category Director
A.J. Dickson, Senior Category Director
MUSIC CREDIT: "Driving For Success" courtesy of purple-planet.com
Liz Tracy

Supporting New Sales Growth In 2022 with Bill Peterson
Bill Peterson, PCNA Vice President of Sales, shares new ideas for supporting customers, recaps the recent PPAI Expo and breaks down the year’s biggest opportunities.
Liz Tracy
In-Depth: 4 Key Trends For 2022 with Liz Tracy
Liz Tracy, PCNA Senior Product Designer, shares the key 2022 trends and how they're influencing the types of products that'll be popular this year.
Current Industry Challenges and Solutions With Holly Brown
An introduction to the Plugged In With PCNA podcast and a brief conversation with Holly Brown, PCNA Chief Revenue Officer, about supply chain, inventory and other challenges.