Business For Good

Klean Kanteen uses its business as a force for good — from the products, to the nonprofit partnerships, to the way it shows up in its communities, to the positive impact it has on the world. 


Family And Employee-Owned B Corp

This unique structure pairs complete operational freedom and autonomy with a commitment to a stringent set of internationally recognized standards for social and environmental transparency, accountability and performance. This progressive way of doing business is uniquely Klean and allows the company to be uncompromising in using its business as a force for good.

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True To Its Principles


Klean Kanteen is devoted to caring for its diverse global team. The company strives to inspire everyone who  touches the business to be healthy, happy and  focused on continuous growth and improvement in  ways that are bigger than themselves.


At Klean Kanteen, environmental responsibility is more than a single initiative. The company dedicates time and money to assessing environmental risks across the entire business, and invests in both the urgent and long-term sustainability interests of the local and global communities.


The company helps people kick the single-use habit one Klean Kanteen at a time. The products are reusable,  BPA-free solutions to everything from plastic water bottles to single-use cups and disposable straws. All products are designed to last a lifetime.