The Beginning
JanSport® was founded in Seattle by three friends — Skip, Murray and Jan — in the summer of 1967. When Murray, an engineer, won an award for creating the first adjustable aluminum backpack frame, he asked his girlfriend, Jan, an accomplished seamstress, to create a pattern for it. He promised that if it was a success, he’d name the company after her.

It was, he did, and the JanSport® brand came to life.
On The Path To Sustainability
In 1967, JanSport® was created to help adventurers experience and celebrate the outdoors. In the years since, that mission has expanded to protecting the outdoors for future generations.

Today, JanSport® is taking a hard look at the carbon footprint and sustainability of everything it does. It's a work in progress, but JanSport® has used the equivalent of 13,000,000 bottles' worth of recycled plastic in select styles.