Tracking The Trend: Virtual Conferences & Events


More events are being held online than ever before, and if you're the one hosting the virtual conference, this is an opportunity you should be excited about. There are lots of ways to get people buzzing about your event, even if they won't be physically present. We've got some ideas on how to pick the perfect gifts for speakers, attendees and more.

When planning a virtual event, it's important to take care of your presenters. Upscale gifts – retail brands, backpacks, insulated drinkware, some nice earbuds or a comfy jacket – are a great way to do just that. Gift them on their own or as part of a larger bundle. Check out these gifts that make presenters feel appreciated for speaking at your conference.


9020-39 Thule Achiever 15" Computer Backpack                            1629-10 Welly® Original & Traveler Bundle Set





 7196-06 SkullCandy® Cassette Bluetooth Headphones                 TM18153/TM98153 Panorama Hybrid Knit




Obviously, you want to drive big registration numbers. Makes sense. Without a physical building to limit you, you can accommodate a lot more people. Premium gifts are the perfect way to incentivize people to register. By offering a special gift to the first hundred or so people who sign up for the conference, you'll get more registrants – and they'll get a nifty new gift. Drinkware, backpacks and hats are an easy choice. And thankfully, one size fits all. (Pro tip: People love posting pics of their cool new swag on social media!)


1600-04 Thor Copper Bottle w/ Anti-Microbial Additive                                3750-16 Merchant & Craft Grayley 15" Backpack


TM32022 Composite Ballcap



Getting people excited about your event is important. A swag bag for attendees is an easy way to get generate some buzz – and also an opportunity to add sponsors. Even with virtual events, companies can be enlisted to sponsor different parts of the day – breakfast, lunch break or maybe happy hour after 5. Then you include a related product with that company's logo in the swag bag.


CV-770x 5"x7" ClearValue NotePad w/ Cougar Pen                7901-06 Recycled Cotton Convention Tote



7141-70 Umbra Qi Wireless Charging Pad                                        TM18136/TM98136 Kirkwood Knit Jacket



SM-6686 Sherpa 11oz. Vacuum Tumbler & Insulator



Contests are a great way to keep people engaged during your event. By raffling off a couple of big-ticket items – like wireless tech or some high-end luggage – you can reward people for their participation. And since these are popular, high-quality products, they'll get lots of use. Here are some of our favorite gifts for getting the crowd to engage with your event:


7198-63 Braavos True Wireless Auto Pair Earbuds                         8052-97 High Sierra 20" Hardside Luggage



7197-29 LightUp Logo Speaker w/ Wireless Charging Powerbank




Deliver It Straight To Their Doorstep

So at this point, there's something you may be wondering:

If it's a virtual conference, how's everyone going to get their gifts?

That's where our new service, Perfectly Packaged, comes in. Along with upgraded packaging, it provides the ability to ship directly to as many residential addresses as you need.

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